Populations Served


The majority of the adults that I work with in my practice come to me with a desire to address issues relating to work and family stress, conflict resolution skills, communication skills, symptoms of depression and anxiety, grief and loss issues, Family of Origin issues, emotional regulation skills, resolving past trauma and abuse issues, and improving their relationship dynamics.

Although I prefer to refer clients experiencing an eating disorder or an addiction disorder to a specialist, I am happy to offer therapeutic support for individuals in active recovery. I am especially interested in working with adults experiencing grief and loss issues, and have a special passion for working with adults who are living with a chronic medical condition.


Both as a teacher and as a therapist, I have found that children and teens can be incredibly resilient, insightful, and creative when encouraged, affirmed, and celebrated for the unique individuals they are. I am comfortable working with children and teens who are struggling with issues of depression, shyness, and self-identity.

I also work with children who are struggling with ADD/ADHD, school performance issues (both under-achievers and over-achievers), motivation issues, and Bipolar depression. I also offer school consultation services, which can include classroom observations, teacher/parent conferences, behavior and/or performance contracts, and general student advocacy services.

Families and Couples

By far, family dynamics and relational dynamics are a fascinating area of study! I am especially intrigued by the unique patterns of behavior and communication all families engage in to solve problems and function as a unit. Most families experience some level normative family conflict, yet unresolved or unremitting family can inhibit individual development and personal growth within each family member. It has been my experience that families often struggle with issues of power and control, establishing and maintaining appropriate rules and family roles, and maintaining healthy levels of intimacy and closeness.

When an individual family member is experiencing mental health symptoms, like depression or anxiety, that individual’s experience can negatively impact the overall functioning of the family. I appreciate having the opportunity to help families understand new levels of functioning and recovery, rediscover new ways of communicating with one another, and restore healthy levels of closeness and intimacy.

I have also been trained in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, and appreciate the model and work put forth by Dr. Sue Johnson. In working with couples, I believe it is important to help support closeness and intimacy, help negotiate individual and shared roles, and support individual differences around topics of parenting, careers, in-laws, and finances.

It is important to note that couples seeking divorce services or child custody issues/parenting plans are referred to family mediation. I am not qualified to offer “expert testimony” regarding parenting or custody issues, nor will I accept clients experiencing any type of spousal abuse or domestic violence.

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