Therapeutic Approaches

As a trained family systems therapist, I utilize a strong blend of structural and strategic family systems approaches, favoring Contextual and Experiential models of therapy, as well as the Emotional Focused Therapy model of Sue Johnson.  I have also received extensive training in IFS (Internal Family Systems), DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy), and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy).

I am a versatile clinician, with a willingness and ability to adjust my therapeutical style to meet clients’ changing needs. I believe in offering a client-centered approach that honors and respects individuals from diverse cultural, social, and family orientations. I believe that Psychotherapy can be an incredibly transformative and healing experience; it is my goal to provide a nurturing, safe, and healing atmosphere for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. I aim to offer a gentle and affirming therapeutic experience for clients, believing in honoring the inherent worth of all human beings.

I believe it is important to celebrate an individual’s unique learning style and the unique and creative ways in which they process their therapeutic experience. “Talk therapy” can also include practical activities outside of the therapy session designed to enhance a client’s internal work. Most clients have found our use of a Family Genogram to be a valuable tool for identifying interesting family patterns and legacies, as well as a helpful tool for externalizing a client’s past internal experiences. Developed and pioneered by family therapists Monica McGoldrick and Randy Gerson (1985), the genogram has become a standard diagnostic tool in many family therapy practices.  Additionally, many of my clients have found journaling activities, poetry therapy, art therapy, and music therapy activities between therapy sessions greatly enhance their internal work. It is my pleasure to support you in these types of creative activities, only if you so desire.

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